Indy Business: Best Internet in Indy

icon-exchange Indy Business: Best Business Internet in Indianapolis

One of the questions we get asked most is: “Who is the best internet service provider in Indianapolis?”  Or sometimes business owners ask us: “Which internet service should I be using?”  The answer to these questions depends on the business size, its location, and the complexity of their technology; but we can start out with an easy general statement.

Local is better.

If you happen to be in a section of Indianapolis where there is a local fiber internet provider, we recommend going with them.  Anything you do to avoid the big cable and phone companies is good for you, good for competition, and ultimately good for Indy.

A great example of a local fiber internet company is Metronet.  Great service, good prices, and they’re local.  Win, win, win.

My choices are Big Company A or Big Company B.

For the rest of us, business internet service is going to come from a cable or phone company.  When those are the only choices, we almost always recommend going with cable internet.  The customer service isn’t any better than the phone companies in our experience, but you usually get more internet service for the same price.

The actual name of the cable company doesn’t matter much either.  Cable companies choose not to compete with each other so they can keep charging monopoly prices.  Whoever the cable provider is in your area, they’re likely the only one, and they’re likely to stay that way.

Should I bundle?

If you don’t have any other option, then sure, go for the bundle.  But you almost always have other options!  Even with local fiber companies, bundling may cost you more than going with a company that specializes in business phone service.  Go with services where the company has to work to keep your business, not where you’re locked into a bundle.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We help businesses navigate tech questions every day, and we can help you too!

Indy Business: Great Customer Service

icon-user Indy Business: Great Customer Service

What’s the secret to great customer service?  At Indy Developers Network, we’ve spent over 10 years finding out what our customers like and don’t like when they have a problem they need addressed.  And since the big phone service companies in Indianapolis have so much trouble providing decent customer service, we figured we would dedicate a post to what we do well on our side.

First is accountability.  When our customers call, they don’t have to sit through menus or search for the person they talked to last time.  For example, each Indianapolis phone service customer has a dedicated billing and support person that they can contact via email, text, or by phone.  On the rare occasion that they have to leave a voicemail, their call is returned promptly and usually with their problem already solved.  None of our customers are ever shuffled or transferred between departments.  There’s only one department.  Customer Service.

Second is reliability.  Because you’re talking to the same person who helped you before, problems are solved quickly and fully.  Your situation is already known to us, which means you only need to explain the current problem, not the entire history leading up to it.  Of course, we do our best to ensure problems are rare for all our customers; but it’s nice to know that when a problem inevitably arises, someone you trust is there to take care of it.

Finally, customer service is about equality.  We have family and friends who are customers, and we treat everyone the same as we would treat them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re our biggest business phone service customer or someone with a small business fax line, we’re going to make sure our service works for you now and for years to come.

We hope this post has shown how we think about customer service and why ours is better than the big cable and phone companies.  If you get tired of dealing with the other guys, we hope you’ll give us a call to see how we compare.  Thanks again, and have a great day!