Indy Business: New Year, New Phones?

icon-calendar Indy Business: New Year, New Phones?

We fully admit that this might be a boring resolution for the new year, especially when compared to things like reshaping your body, working toward your dream, or cutting out a particularly bad habit.  But then again, us phone service types are usually more reliable than we are exciting, so don’t expect too much!

From our point of view, after you have recovered from all the holiday parties or family gatherings, we think it is the perfect time to look into some new phone service Indianapolis.  And here’s why:


With the kinds of discounts we can provide for businesses with multiple phone lines, it’s definitely worth looking into our business phone service prices to see if you can save.  For people with enough phone lines, we can get the cost per line under $14!  I doubt you’ll find a better price in Indy, but please let us know if you do.  We’d love some healthy competition.

And of course that price includes all features and adapters, plus we don’t do long-term contracts or introductory pricing.  Your rates will not go up.  Guaranteed.


You probably won’t have to upgrade your phones when you switch; but if you do, rest assured that you can choose from a wide range of fully-featured office phones.  Typically, we upgrade people to a Grandstream GXP2130, but you can choose just about any SIP office phone to go with our service.  The Grandstream line of phones has all the modern features you expect; they’re constructed from quality materials; and they’re still under $80.  But again, please choose whichever phone fits you best!


Whatever resolution you’ve chosen for the year, we wish you all the best in achieving it.  And if you happen to be a practical business-type person like we are, we hope you’ll contact us this year to see if we can save you money while upgrading your service.

Happy New Year, Indy!