Indy Business: Customers’ Favorite Features

icon-phone-square Indy Business: Our Customers’ Favorite Features

We’ve learned a few things from talking with our Indianapolis phone service customers. Unfortunately, we don’t have any hard data to back up everything we’re about to say; but we can confidently state that our customers seem to use all the features we offer, and there are certainly some features that people tend to mention more or seem to find more useful.

We wanted to take a moment to look at those features.


This is an obvious favorite for obvious reasons. Everyone (us included) hates receiving unwanted calls. It’s even worse when you’re receiving spam calls to your work phone where you can’t download an app to block them, which is why we offer to block unwanted calls before they even reach your phone.

But not only do we block the call from bothering you, we make the spammer think your number has been disconnected. This leads to fewer spam calls over time and is good for everyone. Except the spammers of course. Again, it’s obvious why this is a customer favorite.


So many places don’t offer you a choice when you’re picking a new phone number. They may offer you a sequence of numbers if you need two or more phone lines, but there’s no guarantee that those numbers will be easy to remember or fit your business.

We always thought it made sense to give people a choice on what number would fit them best, and our customers seem to appreciate it. Not only that, but we’ve found that our customers also appreciate being offered numbers not intended for the public. Many of our customers have secret numbers they use for their own internal purposes. Sometimes it’s as simple as calling a person directly, and sometimes the custom number is more complex. It just depends on what works best for the client.


As much as we hate to admit it, this feature isn’t exactly ours. In fact, we didn’t even realize we offered it until a customer asked us why theirs wasn’t working at the moment. As it turns out, the business office phones we prefer have built-in weather updates. The phones show updated local weather data as long as they have a working internet connection. Anyway, it’s a smart feature, people like it, and we’re glad we can “offer” it!

Of course, every customer is unique and will prefer the feature(s) they utilize most, but we still wanted to share some insights we’ve noticed over the past couple years. If you have any questions about our features or what we offer, feel free to contact us anytime.

Have a great day!