Indy Business: Business Phone Numbers

icon-list-ol Indy Business: Business Phone Numbers

Ever wondered how Indianapolis businesses get those great, easy-to-remember numbers?  They always have fun ones like the following:

  • (317) IDIOT-AXE
  • (317) JAR-LIST
  • (317) OLD-KNIFE

Numbers that spell things are great.  It’s almost always easier to remember a couple words as opposed to a string of numbers.  But maybe you’re just looking for a number.  It doesn’t have to spell anything, but it should be simple to hear, recall, and repeat later.  Numbers like these:

  • (317) 399-1717
  • (317) 436-4344
  • (317) 720-2550

For business that go with the big phone and cable companies, the bad news is that their options will be more limited.  The big national companies don’t often take the time to find a number that suits you and your business.  But for people who want a new, custom business phone number, there are a ton of great numbers out there.  In fact all of the numbers listed above are available as of this posting.

Numbers in the 317 area code aren’t the only ones available either.  There are phone numbers for all over Indiana and the country, as well as for cities in and around Indianapolis like Speedway, Zionsville, Carmel, Greenwood, Plainfield, or Avon.

And the best news is that a good, memorable number doesn’t cost extra.  There aren’t even additional fees for toll-free numbers when you go with something like our business phone service Indianapolis.  The number you want is the number you get.  Plus if you’re ever unhappy with your service, you can take your number with you to another provider.

There are companies out there who will charge an arm and a leg for a custom phone number, but we recommend avoiding any corporation that just wants to make a quick buck.  Look for a phone service provider who has a track record of reliability and excellent customer service.  Those are the people you want to entrust your business number to.

Thanks for checking out our post!  If you’re interested in learning more about what numbers we can offer, please feel free to contact us or call us anytime.