Indy Business: Is My Phone System Secure?

icon-lock Indy Business: Is My Phone System Secure?

Most businesses probably don’t think about the security of their phone system, but if you have phone service Indianapolis from one of the big cable or telephone companies, the security of your conversations is stuck in the past.  Many cable and phone companies still rely on analog phone signals once the connection is inside the building, meaning that almost anyone could listen in with relative ease.

If a regular phone cord is coming out of your office phone, then your office or business still relies on analog phone service, at least until it gets to your PBX, modem, or demarcation box.  And while there are many good reasons to go with VoIP business phone service (call quality, cost savings, better features, etc.), security is perhaps the best reason to switch.


Analog signals can be intercepted by another analog receiver (like a corded phone plugged into a jack).  But digital signals are different.  You can’t plug an ethernet cord in and suddenly eavesdrop on computer traffic (unless you really know what you’re doing).  That’s because the traffic coming from a VoIP phone or other digital device is split into packets.  If analog is a river where anyone can step in, then digital is like a bunch of water balloons.  The packets are only supposed to “burst” for the intended receiver.

The trade-off for this privacy is that it is harder to share a line on digital VoIP phone service.  You can do three-way or conference calling, but picking up the phone and joining a call is different.  Not that it can’t be done, but it often depends on the type of phones you have and how you want them to operate.  So that’s something to keep in mind.


Luckily, changing phone providers is trivial.  When we port a number, for example, we often forward calls from the existing number to a temporary one we set up.  Then we set outgoing calls to show the main number.  What this means is that new customers get to try before they buy without any risk.  No one outside knows that your phone service has changed; and if VoIP service does not work out for any reason, the calls can be unforwarded so everything goes back to how it was.

If that still sounds complicated, please just trust us that it is all actually very simple.

To sum up, if you know or think you are still using analog phone service, please consider switching to a VoIP service provider.  Ultimately, it doesn’t have to be us, but we would still be happy to talk about the switching process if you contact us.  Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!