Indy Business: Static on Your Phone Line

icon-phone-square Indy Business: Static on Your Phone Line

Getting static or low audio during calls on your home or office phone service can be very annoying, but luckily it’s something that can be diagnosed and solved pretty easily in most cases.  There are a few different reasons you might be experiencing static on your line, so let’s go through them and see what can be done.


The first thing to check is to make sure it is actually your phone or phone service that is causing the issue.  If your calls are fine except when you talk with a certain person or business, then the good news is that your phone is probably working great!  But in that case, someone also needs to tell the other person that their phone isn’t working correctly.

We’re biased, but we believe nobody deserves to live with bad phone service!


If the static is happening with multiple people, then unfortunately the problem is in your system.  The next thing you should try is using any additional phones you have to determine whether the static is coming from your physical phone, or whether it is coming from your actual phone service.

If you can test with both corded and cordless phones, or with different makes and models, that is always best.  At this point, we just want to see if the static is happening on one phone or all the phones.  If it is just on one phone, then fixing or replacing it is the obvious answer.  But what if the static is on all your phones?


Static on all your phones means a couple things.  First, it means you have an exposed wire or loose connection somewhere that needs to be tracked down and fixed.  But more importantly, it means you probably have an analog phone system.  Digital VoIP phone service almost never gets static.

Our phone service, for example, is 100% digital, which means you shouldn’t ever get any static.  From the time your voice goes into your receiver to the time it joins the wider phone network, it is digitized and delivered just like it came out.  So while we hope you’ve been able to use this post to find and fix your static problem, we also want to recommend replacing your analog service as soon as you can.

Find a reputable VoIP service provider in your area, or feel free to contact us if you live in Indiana.  We look forward to hearing from you!